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E-learning has become an integral part of the educational process. Therefore, at Mina School, we aim to provide a comprehensive e-learning environment that facilitates easy and efficient access to the highest levels of knowledge, offering a distinctive online learning experience.


Why MENA School?

MENA School is your destination for obtaining distinguished e-learning that keeps pace with modern developments, while upholding the quality and efficiency of education, as well as the essential educational components vital to the learning process.

At MENA School, we are committed to bringing the classroom to your homes, offering a sophisticated, high-quality, and effective learning experience. We achieve this by carefully selecting a teaching staff with expertise in various scientific fields.

Education is our mission, aimed at advancing and enhancing our societies, and elevating the capabilities of their members through the acquisition of knowledge and skills, enabling continuous growth and development.

Our Educational Stages


Our Academic Values

As a result of our attention to achieving excellence and distinction, the most distinguished students graduate from our school
A high level of education; that inspires excellence and motivates generations to seek knowledge
A bright future is built for every student with careful and meticulously designed plans

We excel

With the best teaching staff

We are proud of our teaching staff at MENA School consists of many distinguished experts and teachers in their various fields, who have extensive experience in various scientific fields. Our teaching staff members are fully aware of the importance of e-learning, and they work hard to provide an appropriate educational environment that enhances student interaction and their engagement in the teaching-learning process effectively.

Name : Mohammad Ahmad

Arabic Language - Primary Education

Name : Sara Ahmad

English Language - Secondary Education

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